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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Billy's father?
(a) Captain Graveling.
(b) George Budd, a merchant sailor.
(c) Captain Bligh.
(d) He is a foundling, and doesn't know his father.

2. After the introduction of sailor mutinies, what is the next technological advance that the narrator reflects on?
(a) Cannons.
(b) Gunpowder.
(c) Bayonettes.
(d) Bullets.

3. Which battle does the Victory's quarterdeck decoration commemorate?
(a) Spithead.
(b) Nore.
(c) Timor.
(d) Trafalgar.

4. Why does Billy join the British navy?
(a) His best friend is joining up and convinces him to follow.
(b) He wants to defend his country.
(c) He is conscripted into service.
(d) His father is a naval Captain.

5. Which of these factors does the narrator claim leads to Claggart's evil ways?
(a) The evil was in his soul at birth.
(b) The evil was passed down from his parents.
(c) He was abused by his fellow sailors.
(d) He was led astray by books.

Short Answer Questions

1. What decoration marks the Victory's quarterdeck?

2. Where does the first recorded mutiny of the British Navy occur?

3. Which mutiny is discussed in chapter five?

4. Which philosopher is named by the narrator as being of particular interest to Captain Vere?

5. What does the narrator think about the gossip coming from the sailors in regards to John Claggart's history?

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