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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The sailors are called to hear the announcement from the Captain during which interestingly named shift?
(a) The whalewatch.
(b) The monkeywatch.
(c) The birdwatch.
(d) The dogwatch.

2. Who does Billy Budd seek guidance from, in regards to the potential mutiny?
(a) Claggart.
(b) Dansker.
(c) Squeak.
(d) Captain Vere.

3. What do the sailors estimate John Claggart's motivation is for joining the navy?
(a) Claggart had escaped from prison.
(b) Claggart was avoiding a jail sentence.
(c) Claggart was passed down his position from his father.
(d) Claggart was recruited by the king.

4. How does the sailor Billy threatened in chapter 14 react to Billy in chapter 15?
(a) He is timid.
(b) He is very friendly.
(c) He is very aggressive.
(d) He refuses to look Billy in the eye.

5. What does Billy never do before?
(a) Swim.
(b) Speak to the captain.
(c) Tell a lie.
(d) Be associated with evil.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dansker call the man who is in charge of the mutiny?

2. What does Captain Vere tell his crew in chapter 23?

3. In chapter 15, what does Billy think he should report to the captain?

4. How old is John Claggart?

5. Who is the only person that Billy is permitted to speak with after he has been sentenced to execution?

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