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Court Trial

Hold your own court for the trial of Billy Budd. Appoint various classmates to serve on the jury and present the evidence of the case. What is your final verdict?

What Is Your Achilles' Heel?

Billy's Achilles' heel is his tendency to stutter when stressed. What is your Achilles' heel? Write a description of your Achilles' heel, what causes it to surface, and how it affects your life.

Famous Sailors

Search magazines or the internet to find images of famous sailors in our culture. How do these famous sailors compare or contrast to the image of Melville's sailors? Create a collage of these images and bring them to class.

A School Mutiny

Melville spends several chapters discussing and describing mutinies. A mutiny is a rebellion at sea. Have you ever witnessed or heard about a mutiny at school? Write a description of a time when you...

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