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What Is Your Achilles' Heel?

Billy's Achilles' heel is his tendency to stutter when stressed. What is your Achilles' heel? Write a description of your Achilles' heel, what causes it to surface, and how it affects your life.

A School Mutiny

Melville spends several chapters discussing and describing mutinies. A mutiny is a rebellion at sea. Have you ever witnessed or heard about a mutiny at school? Write a description of a time when you witness or hear about a school mutiny. What causes the mutiny? How do the students act? How does the administration react? How is the incident resolved? What are the repercussions for those involved?

Punitive versus Constructive Discipline

Create a list of five scenarios or situations you are commonly involved in, such as school, home, friends, roommates, work, etc. Write a description of how conflicts are resolved in each situation - through punitive measures...

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