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Essay Topic 1

There are three main captains that are present in the novel: Captain Graveling, Admiral Nelson,and Captain Vere. Compare and contrast the leadership styles of these three men, and explain how they were used to promote Melville's opinions about warfare.

Essay Topic 2

Describe the qualities of the quintessential "Handsome Sailor". How does the "Handsome Sailor" affect the attitudes and actions of the crew of the Bellipotent? What risks are associated with being the "Handsome Sailor"?

Essay Topic 3

Claggart has been out to get Billy Budd from the opening of the novel.

Part 1. Give three examples of times that Claggart went out of his way to torment Billy.

Part 2. Explain why you think Claggart was so hateful toward Billy.

Part 3. Discuss Billy's reaction to Claggart's attack. Why is Billy considered the hero of the story?

Essay Topic 4

What is Billy's Achilles' heel and how does it affect...

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