Billy Budd Character Descriptions

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The Afterguardsman

This character appears as a mysterious whispering figure on deck one warm night.


This name represents the main character's physical attributes.


This is an alternate name for the main character's confidant, reminiscent of a hazy entrance onto the ship.

Baby  Budd

A name which represents the main character's childlike youthfulness.

Billy Budd

This character represents innocence.

William Budd

A name which represents the main character's adult qualities.

The Chaplain

This character feels that innocence outweighs religion and therefore does not impose on the accused murderer.

John Claggart

This character is the master-at-arms on the Bellipotent.

The Dansker

This quiet character is the protagonist's confidant.

The Drumhead Court

This group of characters are obligated to support the King's law, despite their personal feelings.

The Foretopman

This name refers to the main character's occupation on board the Bellipotent.

Captain Graveling

This character is the commander of...

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