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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many miles does the narrator have to hike in Chapter 10?
(a) 14 miles.
(b) 10 miles.
(c) 20 miles.
(d) 30 miles.

2. What does the narrator refer to his socks as in the book?
(a) Socksies.
(b) Sockiboos.
(c) Tooties.
(d) Footies.

3. In Chapter 1, who does the narrator say he was hiding with in San Francisco upon his arrival?
(a) Bums.
(b) Cody Pomeray.
(c) Dave Wainwright.
(d) Ben Fagan.

4. What does the narrator refer to his nightmare he'd had in New York in Chapter 5?
(a) "Mountain of the Mo Mien."
(b) "Mountain of the Mien Mo."
(c) "Mountain of Vultures."
(d) "Mountain of the Night Terror."

5. The narrator writes that the flies retreat at night like polite _____ flies in Chapter 5.
(a) Sylvia Plath.
(b) Emily Dickinson.
(c) Midnight.
(d) William Wordsworth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator say is God's movie in Chapter 6?

2. Who does the narrator and his gang go to visit in the hospital in Chapter 14?

3. What is Cody sitting in front of when the narrator arrives in Chapter 13?

4. What drink does the narrator drink at the bar throughout the book?

5. In Chapter 14, which character is described as a strange kid from Oregon with hair like Raul Castro?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jack recall of George Baso in Chapter 15?

2. What is Jack's initial interaction with the animals around the cabin like in Chapter 18?

3. In what ways does the narrator reflect upon the history of Big Sur in Chapter 7?

4. What leads to the group going to the cabin in Chapter 17? Who goes?

5. Who arrives in Chapter 5? How does Jack's perspective change after this visit?

6. Where is Jack in the beginning of the novel? What were his initial plans and why did they change?

7. How do the protagonist's feelings of himself in Chapters 1 and 2 foreshadow that which occurs later in the novel?

8. In what ways does Jack communicate or interact with the animals at Big Sur in Chapter 8?

9. What quotes of Emerson does Kerouac use in Chapter 7? What do these propel the narrator to do?

10. How do Buddhist fundamentals relate to Jack's relationship with nature in Chapter 8? How do these change later in the novel?

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