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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 & 2)


Introduction to the Book

Big Sur was published in 1962 and chronicles the experiences of Jack Kerouac as he struggles against his fame as an author and pioneer of the Beat Generation, and battles alcoholism and madness-- a disease which would eventually take his life seven years later. Today's lesson gives students an overview of the novel and introduces the Beat Generation's subjects, themes, and stylistic characteristics.


1) Class Discussion: Introduce the class to the book. Big Sur, by Jack Kerouac, was published in 1962, and chronicles the author's adventures in and around San Francisco and his struggles with delirium and madness induced by alcoholic binges. Kerouac was a central figure in the Beat Generation, which will be the primary focus of today's study.

2) Research Activity: Students should take time in class to research the time period and writers of the Beat Generation. Students should examine the following...

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