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Documentary with Biographical Interviews

"One Fast Move or I'm Gone - Kerouac's Big Sur" was released in 2009. It chronicles the time in Kerouac's life which led to his novel Big Sur. Allow students to watch this documentary, which features several of the remaining "characters" who are still alive and subjects of the novel.

Feature Film

The film "Pull My Daisy" was produced in 1959, written by Jack Kerouac. This film features several of the writers of the Beat Generation in performance. Allow students to watch the film and write a review of the work.

Draw a Character

Have students draw their interpretation of a character from the novel. Artistic ability is not important, but their drawings must reflect the type of costume worn by the character, whether the character is fat or thin, bald, prim or slovenly. What colors do the characters wear?

Beatnik Day

Allow students to research...

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