Big Sur Character Descriptions

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Jack (Duluoz) Kerouac, also Ti Jean

This is the narrator and protagonist of the story, famed by the beginning of the story as the voice of the Beat Generation.

Cody Pomeray

This person is the hero of On the Road and a long-time friend of the narrator. He is also an incredibly powerful influence on the protagonist, inspiring him not only to drink, but also encouraging him to have affairs with the women this character keeps on the side.

Lorenzo Monsanto (Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

This individual is the bookstore owner whose cabin at Big Sur provides the setting for so much of the story.

Dave Wain

This person is an old taxi driving red-headed Welshman and a lover of long binges, poetry and fishing.

Willamine Dabney

This is the lover of the protagonist's best friend and determined to steal him permanently away from his wife. Presented with the narrator...

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