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Chapter 1 & 2

• The story opens with Jack's description of his state when he set out on his journey to the cabin.

• Jack was to have departed in secret to a hotel and used an alias when he called his friend Lorenzo Monsanto to come and pick him up.

• Instead, Jack arrives drunk and boisterous to Monsanto's bookstore and ends up passed out with his friends the next morning.

• On seeing Jack's state, Monsanto assumes that he must want to wait another week to go to the cabin, and that he would leave Jack to his drinking.
• The second chapter is dedicated to a description of the drunken fog from which Jack must wrench himself before he'll be able to move.

• Jack describes the hopeful rucksack packed for his escape sitting among the bottles that resulted from his first snag, and says, "one fast move, or I'm gone."

• Jack stands...

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