Big Little Lies Short Essay - Answer Key

Liane Moriarty
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1. In Chapter 1, where does Mrs. Ponder live and why?

Mrs. Ponder lives next door to a primary school. She loves to hear the sound of children's voice at intervals during the day. So when she moved, she moved next to the Pirriwee Public school.

2. How does Madeline twist her ankle in Chapter 2?

Madeline is driving behind a young girl who is texting and driving. At the red light, Madeline gets out of her car, and she tells the girl not to text and drive. As Madeline walks back to her car, she twists her ankle and falls.

3. How is Madeline described in Chapter 3?

Madeline is described as having shoulder length dark hair that is cut well. She has a faint sprinkling of freckles across her nose. She is wearing a dress with an embroidered cutout pattern of flowers on the neckline.

4. What is the Blue Blues cafe like?

The Blue Blues is a charming place with bright blue uneven walls. The walls are lined with shelves filled with secondhand books. The floor is made of timber floorboards, and gleams in the morning light. The front of the cafe is open glass. The seating is arranged so that no mater where you sit, you face the beach and can watch the sea.

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