Objects & Places from Big Little Lies

Liane Moriarty
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Perry’s Facebook photos

These are images that are used to present a family as a perfect family and create an allusion of who they are.

Abigail’s Veganism

A teenager decides to quit eating animal products, because she wants to be close to her vegan stepmother.

Celeste’s Jewelry

These are purchased as a gift when a husband abuses his wife, and he wants to do something nice to make up for what he did.

Jane’s Gum

A single mom constantly chews this, because of comments about bad breath that a sexual partner made during a one-night stand.

Charity Donations

These are large amounts of money that a husband gives to good causes as a way to show off his success and his wealth. For the wife, these are amounts of money that she gives when she feels guilty for her privileged life.

Lapis Necklace


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