Big Little Lies Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Liane Moriarty
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Essay Topic 1

The point of view of the novel is mainly third-person omniscient point of view, but there are some sections told from first person. Analyze the author’s choice to use two points of view in the novel and how those viewpoints affect the storyline.

Essay Topic 2

Perry is very conscious of how people view him and his family. How was Perry focused on image, and how did it influence the way that he lived his life and treated Celeste?

Essay Topic 3

Many characters are focused on how they appear to others. How are various characters focused on their image? How does this focus on image affect how characters interact with one another?

Essay Topic 4

The author describes various marriages in the novel. What marriages does the author highlight in the book? What does the author reveal about marriage through the relationships various characters have with their...

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