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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Burns think the Russians will not tell them who the wolf is?
(a) Because they are protecting him.
(b) Because they are scared of him too.
(c) Because they don't really know.
(d) Because he is someone important in the government.

2. Why does the task force suggest that the young Holy Cross student abduction might be part of the on-going case?
(a) As a replacement for Benjamin.
(b) Because it was multiple kidnappers.
(c) Because of his age.
(d) Because of his race and family's wealth.

3. Where do the agents follow their suspect?
(a) To his farm.
(b) To another state.
(c) To a restaurant.
(d) To his home.

4. When does Lipton present himself to Cross?
(a) After Cross breaks down the door.
(b) After Cross finally demands to see him at once.
(c) After his secretary tells him that Cross won't leave.
(d) After Cross tells the secretary it is urgent.

5. What word do the agents get as they are outside Lipton's house waiting for orders?
(a) That he is the wrong guy.
(b) To keep him under surveillance.
(c) To move in.
(d) To stand down.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Cross and Mahoney try to capture Sphinx?

2. What does Cross notice across the street from his house?

3. How did the wolf originally enter the United States?

4. What do the agents find when they break into the barn?

5. What does Cross tell Jamilla?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Cross think about the way Lipton is acting when he finally presents himself to Cross?

2. What does Cross do during the long hours he is waiting to hear back from the wolf?

3. What happens when Cross is summoned back to Washington for a meeting with Burns?

4. What does Director Burns tell the team about the hold up with approaching Lipton's house?

5. What do Cross and Mahoney plan to do with Lizzie's husband and what happens during this process?

6. What does the CIA report about the wolf?

7. What lead does Monnie give to Cross to follow-up on?

8. What does Lizzie do with her time in the closet?

9. What order does Burns give to Cross after Pollack is shot?

10. What revelation do the two men that Cross takes into custody make that leaves Cross reeling?

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