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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has the FBI covered their bases with Potter?
(a) They have provided him with a body guard.
(b) They have allowed him to keep teaching.
(c) They have put him in the witness protection program.
(d) They have replaced him with a look-a-like FBI agent.

2. What does Potter warn Cross about?
(a) That he does not know the wolf's identity.
(b) That using the computer has become too dangerous.
(c) That wolf has a FBI agent feeding him information.
(d) Wolf is crazy and would get revenge.

3. What happens that gets Lizzie's hopes up?
(a) She notices that a knife was left in one of the pockets.
(b) She hears the FBI announce themselves and Wolf's voice.
(c) She has light for the first time ever in the closet.
(d) She has not seen wolf for days.

4. What does Cross tell Wolf happened to his last purchase?
(a) He escaped unintentionally.
(b) He made him angry and he had to get rid of him.
(c) He is still around, but he wants two at once now.
(d) He was worthless and damaged when he arrived.

5. What name does Lipton tell Cross that Sorokin also uses?
(a) Connolly.
(b) Monnie.
(c) Sterling.
(d) Ari Manning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of the website that Monnie told Cross about?

2. Which of the following best describes the wolf's demeanor with Cross?

3. Where do Vince and Francis go to school?

4. What happens to Little Alex?

5. Where does Potter tell Cross that he got the boys?

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