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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What comment does wolf make that astonishes Cross?
(a) Wolf tells them that Potter has been compromised.
(b) Wolf tells them that the website will be shut down temporarily.
(c) Wolf tells them that they have a spy amongst them.
(d) Wolf tells them all to be careful because they are being watched.

2. Why does Cross head to Texas?
(a) To see where Lipton had been held.
(b) To visit with an inmate.
(c) To take his family to safety.
(d) To have a secret meeting with the CIA.

3. Where do Vince and Francis go to school?
(a) James Madison College.
(b) James Mason College.
(c) Holy Cross College.
(d) Holy Trinity College.

4. Where does Cross wait for the Wolf's Den to get back to him about 'Potter's' proposal?
(a) New Hampshire.
(b) Quantico.
(c) His own home.
(d) Hoover building.

5. Where do they interview Potter?
(a) At the state police station.
(b) In Washington.
(c) At the local FBI office.
(d) In his home.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Potter respond to Alex's questions about Benjamin?

2. What happens to the only witness to the kidnapping?

3. What does the CIA confirm about Sorokin's identity?

4. How did the wolf originally enter the United States?

5. What happens to Lipton and his family?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lipton reveal about how became involved with Wolf's operation?

2. What happens when Cross is summoned back to Washington for a meeting with Burns?

3. What does Director Burns tell the team about the hold up with approaching Lipton's house?

4. What does Francis find when he is delivered to Mr. Potter?

5. What does Lizzie do with her time in the closet?

6. What does Cross tell Sorokin and how does he respond to what Cross says?

7. What does Cross think about the way Lipton is acting when he finally presents himself to Cross?

8. What happens just as Cross and Mahoney prepare to make their move?

9. What does Cross do during the long hours he is waiting to hear back from the wolf?

10. What does Cross realize about himself after he hangs up the phone from talking to Jamilla?

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