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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following describes Mr. Potter's reaction to the FBI raid?
(a) Enraged.
(b) Clearly surprised.
(c) Emotionally distraught.
(d) Catatonic.

2. Which of the following characters is observing Lipton's arrest?
(a) Potter.
(b) Wolf.
(c) Sorokin.
(d) Burns.

3. Why does Cross think the blond man he is chasing may be the wolf?
(a) Because he ruthlessly shot Gautier.
(b) Because he does not worry about his accomplice.
(c) Because he seems to be more with-it than the other thugs.
(d) Because he seems to have an accent.

4. Which of the following best describes Potter's demeanor when Cross asks him about Benjamin Coffey?
(a) Heart broken.
(b) Defiant.
(c) Smug.
(d) Anguished.

5. Who shoots the blond criminal that Cross was chasing?
(a) Monnie.
(b) Katz.
(c) Cross.
(d) Lipton.

6. Where does Burns tell Cross they have grabbed a suspect?
(a) Washington.
(b) Atlanta.
(c) New Hampshire.
(d) New York.

7. What happens to Little Alex?
(a) He has to go live with Christine.
(b) He was hurt by the wolf.
(c) He runs away from home.
(d) He gets to stay with Cross.

8. What was the name of the website that Monnie told Cross about?
(a) Wolf's Den.
(b) Wolf's Mates.
(c) Wolf's Pack.
(d) Wolf Cub.

9. What did the Russian government tell the FBI about Prokopev?
(a) He has defected and they have disowned him.
(b) He is not the wolf.
(c) He has diplomatic immunity.
(d) He is under their protective custody.

10. What are Vince and Francis doing before one is abducted?
(a) Dancing and drinking at a club.
(b) Enjoying the evening on the blanket.
(c) Eating at a restaurant.
(d) Attending their last course for the day.

11. Why does the task force suggest that the young Holy Cross student abduction might be part of the on-going case?
(a) As a replacement for Benjamin.
(b) Because it was multiple kidnappers.
(c) Because of his age.
(d) Because of his race and family's wealth.

12. What happens to Lipton and his family?
(a) They are murdered.
(b) They are taken into custody.
(c) They are hidden.
(d) They have begun new lives.

13. Which of the following turns out to be Sphinx?
(a) Nooney.
(b) Judge Connolly.
(c) Monnie.
(d) Mahoney.

14. How often does Lizzie's captor visit her in the closet?
(a) A few times each day.
(b) Once a week.
(c) She can't remember the last time he visited.
(d) Once a day.

15. How does Cross eventually subdue Sphinx?
(a) He holds him under water until he passes out.
(b) He shoots him in the leg.
(c) He runs him over with his car.
(d) He punches him until he is out cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following best describes the wolf's demeanor with Cross?

2. What makes the FBI even more suspicious about Lipton?

3. What does Cross tell Wolf happened to his last purchase?

4. What does Lizzie do when Wolf is gone?

5. How does Potter respond to Alex's questions about Benjamin?

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