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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Wolf make another stop in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn?
(a) To find out how much the FBI has on him.
(b) Information he gets from Zoya.
(c) To visit with his family.
(d) To find the hacker.

2. What position does Lizzie's husband hold?
(a) FBI agent.
(b) Judge.
(c) Police commissioner.
(d) Lawyer.

3. How does Farley say he learned about the Meek abduction?
(a) Spying on the FBI agents.
(b) Reading the newspaper.
(c) Police scanner.
(d) Jail house talk.

4. What does Donnelly's research show?
(a) A trend of powerful brunettes being kidnapped.
(b) A trend of white women disappearing.
(c) A trend of well-off white, blond women being kidnapped.
(d) A trend of team kidnappings.

5. Where does the Wolf go to visit Augustino Palumbo?
(a) Cocktail party in California.
(b) Warehouse in New Jersey.
(c) Restaurant in New York City.
(d) Prison in Colorado.

6. Which of the following is true about the Russian mob?
(a) Many leaders always vying to be the true leader.
(b) Much backstabbing and no trust in the organization.
(c) Dependent on each other with one leader.
(d) Independent but cooperative with each other.

7. How much had been paid for Audrey?
(a) $150,000.
(b) $200,000.
(c) $250,000.
(d) $100,000.

8. What does the Wolf want with the two players?
(a) He wants them to become clients of his.
(b) He wants them to give him an autograph.
(c) He wants them to pay him money.
(d) He wants them to throw a game.

9. What does the agent form the behavior analysis unit tell Cross?
(a) There is another group kidnapping people.
(b) There is more than two kidnappers.
(c) There is a change in the pattern.
(d) There has been a male kidnapping victim.

10. Which of the following is not something the Art Director does to Audrey Meek?
(a) Rapes her.
(b) Kills her.
(c) Holds her captive.
(d) Sets her free.

11. How does the interrogation start?
(a) Farley cussing at the detectives over and over.
(b) Farley asking for clothes.
(c) Farley spitting on one of the detectives repeatedly.
(d) Farley asking about his girlfriend.

12. What does Audrey's captor do for her?
(a) Cooks her breakfast.
(b) Lets her choose her room decorations.
(c) Watch movies with her.
(d) Gives her art supplies.

13. What does Cross see as the commonality among all of the victims in the white slave trade in the US?
(a) They all have lovability.
(b) They all were married.
(c) They all were wealthy.
(d) They all are white.

14. Why does the Wolfe go to visit Yeggy?
(a) A security item.
(b) To give him a new assignment.
(c) To provide him with new information.
(d) To update the catalogue.

15. What continues to bother Cross about the abductor?
(a) Helping each other.
(b) Working in a team.
(c) Increased frequency of attacks.
(d) Increased carelessness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Wolf want to know from the FBI agent he meets with?

2. How does Cross feel after talking to Christine?

3. What does Wolf do once Yeggy is dead?

4. What does Coulter tell Cross when they are able to talk via the phone?

5. Where does the Wolf meet with his five main clients?

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