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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is waiting for Cross when he returns home that night?
(a) Donnelley.
(b) Nooney.
(c) Mahoney.
(d) Sampson.

2. What does the Wolf accuse Slava and Zoya of doing?
(a) He accuses them of making too many mistakes.
(b) He accuses them of hacking into his website.
(c) He accuses them of kidnapping the wrong person.
(d) He accuses them of selling him out to his enemies.

3. What happens when Alex comes home from work?
(a) He finds Nana lying on the floor.
(b) He finds his kids missing.
(c) He finds Sampson waiting for him.
(d) He finds his family waiting on the porch for him.

4. What does Cross spend his night researching?
(a) Italian mob.
(b) White slave trade.
(c) Kidnapping.
(d) Russian mob.

5. Who prevents Cross from going to the scene in Pennsylvania?
(a) Sampson.
(b) Mahoney.
(c) Nooney.
(d) Donnelly.

6. What news does Sampson share with Cross?
(a) He has news about Jamilla.
(b) He was just given a new case with a missing white woman.
(c) He has joined the Bureau.
(d) His wife is pregnant.

7. What does the couple do to blend in as they are following their next target?
(a) They purchase several items.
(b) They put on costumes.
(c) They do not leave their car.
(d) They hide in stores.

8. How have the law enforcement officials designated the case Cross is now working?
(a) White slave case.
(b) Slave ring case.
(c) White girl case.
(d) Missing women case.

9. How much had been paid for Audrey?
(a) $250,000.
(b) $200,000.
(c) $100,000.
(d) $150,000.

10. Why does the Wolf make another stop in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn?
(a) Information he gets from Zoya.
(b) To find out how much the FBI has on him.
(c) To visit with his family.
(d) To find the hacker.

11. How does Potter attempt to put his newly captured victim at ease?
(a) Fixing him a meal.
(b) Talking quietly to him.
(c) Untying him.
(d) Kissing him.

12. Who requested Cross's presence?
(a) Tony Wood's from the director's office.
(b) Baltimore police department.
(c) Nooney, through is secretary.
(d) Coulter from the Baltimore police.

13. What analogy does Cross make about prostitution in the Russian mob?
(a) That it is like the FBI.
(b) That the girls run the show like independent contractors.
(c) That it is like the way a wall street business is run.
(d) That it is like professional baseball.

14. What circumstances does Cross think are strange during the bust?
(a) That Farley is home with his girlfriend.
(b) That things are moving so fast.
(c) That there is no on the ground team.
(d) That they are using a helicopter.

15. Why does the Wolfe go to visit Yeggy?
(a) To give him a new assignment.
(b) To update the catalogue.
(c) A security item.
(d) To provide him with new information.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the crowd at the Wolf's party think he is from?

2. Why is Cross reluctant to interview Meeks?

3. What does Cross find strange about Lizzie's kidnapping so far?

4. Where does the Wolf meet with his five main clients?

5. What vow does the Wolf make?

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