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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Cross doubt that Farley and his girlfriend abducted Meek or the others?
(a) He was in jail during some of the abductions.
(b) The woman only cries.
(c) Farley booby-trapped his own home.
(d) Farley is a large man.

2. Who prevents Cross from going to the scene in Pennsylvania?
(a) Sampson.
(b) Nooney.
(c) Mahoney.
(d) Donnelly.

3. What analogy does Cross make about prostitution in the Russian mob?
(a) That it is like the way a wall street business is run.
(b) That the girls run the show like independent contractors.
(c) That it is like the FBI.
(d) That it is like professional baseball.

4. What does Audrey's captor do for her?
(a) Watch movies with her.
(b) Gives her art supplies.
(c) Lets her choose her room decorations.
(d) Cooks her breakfast.

5. What does the Wolf want to know from the FBI agent he meets with?
(a) If anyone is talking about him.
(b) If he has buried the information he asked him to take care of.
(c) If he knows of the couple's killing.
(d) If he has any information on the missing women.

6. Where does the Wolf go to visit Augustino Palumbo?
(a) Restaurant in New York City.
(b) Cocktail party in California.
(c) Prison in Colorado.
(d) Warehouse in New Jersey.

7. How does Farley say he learned about the Meek abduction?
(a) Police scanner.
(b) Reading the newspaper.
(c) Jail house talk.
(d) Spying on the FBI agents.

8. What does Wolf do once Yeggy is dead?
(a) Break every bone in his body.
(b) Make changes to the catalogue and then burn it to CD.
(c) Take his computer with him.
(d) Hire a different person to work on his catalogue.

9. What position does Lizzie's husband hold?
(a) FBI agent.
(b) Judge.
(c) Police commissioner.
(d) Lawyer.

10. Who does the Wolfe kill in the bar?
(a) One of his former clients.
(b) Lili Olsen.
(c) His ex-wife and her lover.
(d) Zoya's lover.

11. What question is Cross left with after he visits the Art Director's home?
(a) Who provided the opportunity?
(b) What was the opportunity the art director spoke of?
(c) When was the opportunity offered?
(d) What will happen now that this man killed himself?

12. What does Cross see as the commonality among all of the victims in the white slave trade in the US?
(a) They all are white.
(b) They all were married.
(c) They all have lovability.
(d) They all were wealthy.

13. What does Donnelly's research show?
(a) A trend of powerful brunettes being kidnapped.
(b) A trend of team kidnappings.
(c) A trend of white women disappearing.
(d) A trend of well-off white, blond women being kidnapped.

14. What happened to the Art Director?
(a) He was killed by the wolf.
(b) He moved out of the country.
(c) He committed suicide.
(d) He was captured by the Pennsylvania police.

15. Where does Cross have a meeting first thing in the morning?
(a) New York.
(b) Hoover Building.
(c) Quantico.
(d) Baltimore.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Potter attempt to put his newly captured victim at ease?

2. Which of the following characters is a violent crimes analyst?

3. What does Cross begin to think about the entire Coulter incident?

4. What continues to bother Cross about the abductor?

5. What were two reasons that the officials believe the Connelly kidnapping is related to their case?

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