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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 9: What is Noble - Chapters 257-296.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. People tend to base their beliefs on which of the following?
(a) What parents teach.
(b) What is taught in church.
(c) Instinct.
(d) What they see.

2. In order to be able to gather a great deal of information one must possess which quality?
(a) Intuition.
(b) Strictness.
(c) Loyalty.
(d) Hindsight.

3. Some people still believe in immediate certainties and ______.
(a) Absolute knowledge.
(b) Distant uncertainties.
(c) Promise of the future.
(d) Immediate results.

4. What type of person does the author refer to as being moralistic?
(a) Student.
(b) Child.
(c) Pedant.
(d) Father.

5. When one desires an object the actual interest relates to:
(a) The journey.
(b) Completion.
(c) The object.
(d) Desire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a part of all types of society, despite their advancement or lack thereof?

2. What is the one thing that will never cease being awkward long enough for people to understand that there are no opposites, only subtleties of gradation?

3. There may be good things that cause shame if they intimate that one is prone to:

4. Which of the following does Nietzsche refer to as being without mercy or justice?

5. Who is the first composer to be mentioned in this chapter?

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