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Stefan Zweig
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 76 through 112..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom did Kekesfalva learn to read and write?
(a) His parents taught him.
(b) He learned at boarding school.
(c) An older brother taught him.
(d) He was taught by a rabbi.

2. The night after his friends tease him about his relationship with Kekesfalva and his family, Hofmiller does not go to the castle. How does he feel about his decision to stay away?
(a) He thoroughly enjoys playing cards with his friends and realizes it was the right decision not to go.
(b) He enjoys having a night away from the family and decides to visit them less often in the future.
(c) After a couple of hours, he changes his mind and goes to visit the family.
(d) He worries constantly and realizes that he can't just turn his emotions off and on.

3. Although Hofmiller is torn about whether or not he wants to continue seeing Edith and her family, what precipitates his decision to return to their home?
(a) He is walking past the house and Kekesfalva sees him and invites him to come in.
(b) He makes a date with Ilona and goes to the house to pick her up.
(c) He receives another dinner invitation and is told that the group will include an official from the War Ministry.
(d) His commanding officer orders him to go.

4. How does Hofmiller react when he sees Ilona in the street after taking a night away from the family to play cards with his friends?
(a) He is excited about the opportunity to introduce her to his friends.
(b) He is thrilled to see her on his own turf and asks her to go for a walk or to the patisserie.
(c) He seems embarrassed and tries to avoid her.
(d) He is upset that she has apparently left Edith alone.

5. Hofmiller shows his friends a gift that Kekesfalva gave him. What is the item?
(a) A silver flask.
(b) A gold pen.
(c) A gold cigarette case.
(d) An expensive first-edition book.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Dietzenhof eventually tell Kekesfalva she wanted to do with her estate?

2. What does Dr. Condor tell Hofmiller was his initial opinion about why Hofmiller has become friends with Kekesfalva and his family?

3. After angrily confronting Hofmiller about lying to her, what does Edith tell him about continuing to visit the family?

4. When Kekesfalva apologizes for his daughter's rude behavior, how does he describe Edith when she was a child?

5. Why is Hofmiller uncomfortable when he first arrives at the dinner party?

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