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Stefan Zweig
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 76 through 112..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Orosvar's relatives promise Dietzenhof to get her to sign everything except the Kekesfalva estate over to them?
(a) They promised to let her have first choice on Orosvar's large art collection.
(b) They said they'd abandon further litigation and pay her legal fees.
(c) They promised to pay for her children's college education.
(d) They agreed to allow her to change her last name to Orosvar.

2. Hofmiller shows his friends a gift that Kekesfalva gave him. What is the item?
(a) A silver flask.
(b) A gold cigarette case.
(c) An expensive first-edition book.
(d) A gold pen.

3. How does Edith react when she receives Hofmiller's flowers?
(a) She returns the flowers with an angry note.
(b) She asks her father to invite him for dinner.
(c) She phones him to say thanks.
(d) She invites him to tea.

4. During dinner with Hofmiller and Kekesfalva, what does Dr. Condor initially say about Edith's current condition?
(a) He says her exercises are going well, but that her mental state seems different.
(b) He says her leg strength has deteriorated considerably since his last visit.
(c) He says she's improved remarkably since his last visit.
(d) He says it's clear that she hasn't been doing her exercises as regularly as she should.

5. What does Kekesfalva tell Hofmiller about Dr. Condor's marriage?
(a) He says Mrs. Condor is unaware that Dr. Condor is having an affair with his nurse.
(b) He says Dr. Condor married his wife out of pity because she is blind.
(c) He says Mrs. Condor was dating him first and Dr. Condor stole her away from him.
(d) He says the Condors are the happiest couple he knows.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hofmiller realizes that during all his visits to the castle, he has failed to ask what he considers the most natural of questions. What is the question?

2. When Ilona asks Hofmiller why he did not come to the castle, what lie does he tell her?

3. What happens when Hofmiller arrives at the castle to thank Kekesfalva for the dinner invitation?

4. What does Hofmiller do after Kekesfalva apologizes for Edith's behavior?

5. What is Hofmiller's first impression of Dr. Condor?

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