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Stefan Zweig
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 76 through 112..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his own introduction to the book, where does Zweig say the story came from?
(a) It is a translation of an earlier book by a Japanese author.
(b) It is a true story told to him by the main character.
(c) It is a true story based on his own life.
(d) He based it on a parable his parents told him as a child.

2. What aspect of Hofmiller's background makes him especially grateful for the warm welcome he continues to receive at the Kekesfalva's home?
(a) His parents are servants of a wealthy family, so he likes turning the tables by having servants wait on him.
(b) He has been raised in an orphanage, so he begins to think of Kekesfalva as a father figure.
(c) He has been brought up in a wealthy home, so he feels comfortable and at ease with the family's wealth.
(d) He has been brought up in military institutions, so he loves the homey feeling of their house and family.

3. When does Hofmiller find Edith most attractive?
(a) When she talks about horses.
(b) When she flirts with other men.
(c) When she flirts with him.
(d) When she is happy.

4. How does the main character, Hofmiller, say his story began?
(a) It began with an innocent blunder on his part.
(b) It began with a storm that caused a loss of power.
(c) It began when he lost track of his car in an unfamiliar neighborhood.
(d) It began when he returned from a trip to South America.

5. How does Edith react when Josef, the butler, comes to take her for her exercises?
(a) She insists that a wheelchair be brought.
(b) She flies into a rage and insists on walking by herself although it's very difficult.
(c) She asks Hofmiller to go with her and help with the exercises.
(d) She refuses to go with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Hofmiller try to keep his two worlds - his life in the military and his relationship with the Kekesfalva family - separate from each other?

2. How does Dr. Condor perceive that Edith's attitude seems to have changed?

3. What does Dr. Condor tell Hofmiller was his initial opinion about why Hofmiller has become friends with Kekesfalva and his family?

4. Why does Edith keep secret pictures of dancers?

5. When Ilona asks Hofmiller why he did not come to the castle, what lie does he tell her?

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