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Stefan Zweig
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 76 through 112..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the introduction, Zweig says his depiction of Kekesfalva's early life and the discrimination he felt is based on what?
(a) It is based on his parents' experience.
(b) It is based on his own experience.
(c) It is based on the experiences of characters in his favorite novels.
(d) It is based on the experience of Eastern Jews.

2. Why is Hofmiller so pleased about Kekesfalva's request that he speak to Dr. Condor about Edith?
(a) He wants to take advantage of the opportunity to ask Dr. Condor about his own medical complaints.
(b) It shows that Kekesfalva has faith in him.
(c) He hopes to learn more about the doctor's relationship with the family.
(d) He has wanted to meet Dr. Condor for a long time and is happy for this opportunity.

3. Why does Hofmiller hesitate when Kekesfalva insists that his driver take Hofmiller home on a rainy night?
(a) He is concerned about how arriving in a luxury car will appear to his fellow soldiers.
(b) He doesn't want Kekesfalva to know that he is planning to meet some friends rather than go home that night.
(c) He enjoys walking in the rain.
(d) He thinks Kekesfalva is being too generous.

4. What initially interested Kekesfalva about the estate Dietzenhof had inherited?
(a) He owned an auction house and wanted to see if Dietzenhof needed his services.
(b) He knew the estate contained some valuable art and wanted to see if he could buy it cheaply.
(c) He hoped to buy the castle from Dietzenhof.
(d) He'd grown up near the castle and wanted to see the inside.

5. How does Dr. Condor perceive that Edith's attitude seems to have changed?
(a) She is more resistant toward him and seems more frustrated.
(b) She asks many more questions than before.
(c) She seems to trust him more than she did before.
(d) She seems to be afraid of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hofmiller do after Ilona explains the reason Edith became so upset at the dinner party?

2. What happens at the second dinner that makes Hofmiller feel especially happy and powerful?

3. During dinner with Hofmiller and Kekesfalva, what does Dr. Condor initially say about Edith's current condition?

4. What does Hofmiller do after Kekesfalva apologizes for Edith's behavior?

5. Why was Kekesfalva so abrupt with Dietzenhof when he first arrived at the house?

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