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Ta-Nehisi Coates
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Short Answer Questions

1. What regret does the author have about the incident with his son and the escalator?

2. What concern does the author have about the lessons he is trying to teach his son?

3. What does the author wish he had done differently with the woman who pushed his son?

4. How did the author react to his son being pushed off the escalator?

5. When the author sees a police officer, he automatically thinks:

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author compare the flight of Abraham Brian to the fear of the modern black man?

2. What lesson does the mother of the boy on page 112 (Lucia McBath) try to impart to the author's son?

3. How did the author's trip to Paris affect his view of what it means to live in a black body?

4. What is the significance of the author's description of the slave burial plot in southern Manhattan?

5. Why is the author angry and frustrated at the outcome of the investigation of the undercover cop who shot Prince Jones?

6. How, does Coats write, have his eyes been damaged by what he has seen?

7. How does the death of the boy on page 112 (Jordan Davis) reinforce the author's theory that the "Dream" is dangerous?

8. According to the author, how is racism experienced through city planning and real estate?

9. According to the author, how do the behaviors of police departments reflect American values?

10. Why are black children told to be "twice as good"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Malcom X was one of the greatest, if the not the greatest, literary influence in the author's life. Malcom X was assassinated in February of 1965. How might this knowledge have shaped the influence Malcom X had over the author, who was born ten years after Malcom's death? Using your own knowledge of world history, what aspects of Malcolm X's beliefs might have shaped the author's depiction of the racist role of America?

Essay Topic 2

The author was not raised in a religious family, nor did he develop an interest in subscribing to a personal religion or spirituality as an adult. How might his completely academic nature conflict with the traditional religious views of the black community? How might his spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof, affect the tone of his writing? How might a traditionally religious black community react to such a tone?

Essay Topic 3

Fear is a recurring theme in the author's memoir. What role does fear play in the lives of black Americans? How has fear preserved the author's body? Has fear repressed the author? What are some of the positive and negative effects of the fear he has experienced throughout his life?

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