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Ta-Nehisi Coates
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the author describe the love of white families for their children?
(a) Cold.
(b) Obsessive.
(c) Dark.
(d) Spiritual.

2. According to senator John C. Calhoun, "The two great divisions of society are not the rich and the poor, but _____" what?
(a) White and black.
(b) Educated and uneducated.
(c) Male and female.
(d) Wise and foolish.

3. What realization did he author make after the mother of his son returned from her trip?
(a) People are naturally inclined to exclude.
(b) Humanity is naturally divided into different little worlds.
(c) There are too many doors in France.
(d) He needed to travel and experience other people.

4. What excuse did the man on page 112 give for shooting the boy in the car?
(a) He claimed to have seen a shotgun in the car.
(b) He said he was angry.
(c) He claimed the gun went off by accident.
(d) He claimed the boy was trying to run him over with the car.

5. What photographs did the mother of the author's son take while she was away?
(a) Famous statues.
(b) Street sleepers.
(c) Pottery.
(d) Doors.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the author, what has his son never feared?

2. What does the author remember about Manhattan?

3. From what does the author draw joy?

4. What did the author notice as he walked the streets of Paris for the first time?

5. What did the author have to learn from his son's mother?

Short Essay Questions

1. What lesson does the mother of the boy on page 112 (Lucia McBath) try to impart to the author's son?

2. Why does the author worry that others will tell his son that the lessons he is trying to teach are an unnecessary part of the past?

3. What role has fear played in Samori's (the author's son) life?

4. What reasons does the author give for Prince Jones' behavior prior to his death?

5. How does the author compare the flight of Abraham Brian to the fear of the modern black man?

6. Why is the author angry and frustrated at the outcome of the investigation of the undercover cop who shot Prince Jones?

7. According to the author, how do the behaviors of police departments reflect American values?

8. According to the author, how does the fear of losing one's life promote violence?

9. Why is the author's fear of his son seeing him arrested greater than his fear of being arrested?

10. What does the author mean by every country having an "above" and a "below"?

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