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Ta-Nehisi Coates
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Abraham Brian?
(a) A white congressman who lobbied for the rights of free black men.
(b) A slave who led the underground railroad.
(c) A free black man who left his home to escape the threat of slavery.
(d) A black soldier for the Confederacy.

2. What excuse did the man on page 112 give for shooting the boy in the car?
(a) He said he was angry.
(b) He claimed the boy was trying to run him over with the car.
(c) He claimed the gun went off by accident.
(d) He claimed to have seen a shotgun in the car.

3. According to the author, what has his son never feared?
(a) Safety.
(b) People.
(c) Health.
(d) His body.

4. Why was the author's son pushed off the escalator?
(a) He had fallen asleep.
(b) He was trying to walk up the escalator.
(c) He was moving slowly.
(d) He was afraid to step off the platform.

5. According to senator John C. Calhoun, "The two great divisions of society are not the rich and the poor, but _____" what?
(a) Male and female.
(b) Wise and foolish.
(c) White and black.
(d) Educated and uneducated.

6. Whose last worlds were "This stops today!"
(a) Prince Jones.
(b) Eric Garner.
(c) Malcolm X.
(d) Trayvon Martin.

7. According to the author, whom or what do the police reflect?
(a) A frightened few.
(b) A broken system.
(c) A small minority.
(d) American values.

8. What does the author wish he had done differently with the woman who pushed his son?
(a) Stopped and called the police.
(b) Invited her for coffee and talked to her as a person.
(c) Made her realize her actions were inherently racist.
(d) Stopped and picked up his son first.

9. To where did the author move to in 2001?
(a) Los Angeles.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Atlanta.
(d) New York.

10. The author believes that when the body is shattered, what happens?
(a) The soul finds rest.
(b) The spirit lives on.
(c) God takes over.
(d) Everything is shattered.

11. Which Howard University student was shot by a PG County officer shortly after the author's encounter with the police?
(a) The author's wife.
(b) Trayvon Martin.
(c) The girl with the long dreadlocks.
(d) Prince Jones.

12. Why did the author want to return to Paris with his son?
(a) He wanted to become a French citizen.
(b) He wanted his son to learn French.
(c) He wanted to send his son to a French school.
(d) He wanted his son to experience life without fear.

13. According to the author, this son has been cast into "a race in which the wind is always at your face and _____" what?
(a) The hounds are always at your heels.
(b) Ffire is at your feet.
(c) A knife is always at your back.
(d) You will always be running headfirst into it.

14. According to the author, "In America, it is traditional to destroy the _____" what?
(a) Victim.
(b) Soul.
(c) Black body.
(d) Past.

15. What did the author have to learn from his son's mother?
(a) How to speak French.
(b) How to interpret train schedules.
(c) How to order in a restaurant.
(d) How to tell his son he loved him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom was the author interviewing in Chicago?

2. According to the author, how is racism experienced through real estate?

3. What happened when the author was stopped by a PG County officer?

4. How did the Internet affect the author's writing?

5. What concern does the author have about the lessons he is trying to teach his son?

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