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Ta-Nehisi Coates
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Re-Enforcement (pages 75-88).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the "one-drop" rule?
(a) One drop of violence ruins a peaceful gathering.
(b) Having one black parent (or ancestor) makes a person black.
(c) One drop of liquor makes an alcoholic.
(d) Having one white parent (or ancestor) entitles a person to be white.

2. What does the author tell his son about responsibility?
(a) He is responsible for his family.
(b) He is only responsible for himself.
(c) Responsibility comes with a price.
(d) He is responsible for his body and the bodies of others.

3. What does the author remember about Manhattan?
(a) It was where he learned to believe in humanity again.
(b) That it once housed slave auctions.
(c) It is where his son was born.
(d) That is is a beautiful city.

4. What did the author find unique about Howard University?
(a) Everyone was treated as an equal, regardless of race.
(b) All the students were wealthy, regardless of race.
(c) All the students were black, but distinctly unique in culture.
(d) The professors spent time outside with the students.

5. What surprised the author about the sixteenth and seventeenth century portraits of Africans?
(a) Their facial features had be Anglicized.
(b) The appeared regal and serene.
(c) The looked ethnically different from African-Americans.
(d) They were drawn in a ravenous, lustful, simian manner.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the author, what is the purpose of defining races of people?

2. Whom does the author describe as "the God I never had"?

3. What difference does the author see between his childhood and that of his son?

4. How does the author describe his experience in the Baltimore public schools?

5. According to the author, it is important that whether one wins or loses the fight, who should be by your side?

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