Between the World and Me Fun Activities

Ta-Nehisi Coates
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Using either blindfold or earplugs, mute one or more senses to gain a sense of disassociation during a lesson to become aware of what it feels like to feel different and disassociated from the rest of the class.

A New System of Discipline

Create a system of classroom discipline where the individual who has broken a class rule must write about being in trouble, the purpose of which is not to punish, but to make his or her think and question his or her character.

Tour Howard University

Go online and take a virtual tour of Howard University, the author's alma mater.

Blasts From the Past

Listen to the music of artists like Otis Redding, Bubber Miley and Duke Ellington. Create a comparison chart between these musicians and those you enjoy. How are the messages they convey similar? How are they different?

The Million Man March


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