Between the World and Me Character Descriptions

Ta-Nehisi Coates
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Ta-Nehisi Coates

This award-winning journalist and author reflects on his experiences of being black in America.


This individual is the son of the author and is the person to whom the memoir is addressed.

Malcolm X

This individual was a controversial American civil rights activist in the early 1960's who advocated the use of violence as a tool to achieve the goals of respect and equality.

Michael Brown

This individual's death in 2014 intensified the debate about race relations in America.

Trayvon Martin

The author uses this individual's death in 2012 to support his view that black people are wise to live in fear in America.

Jordan Davis

The author uses the death of this individual, who shot in 2012 in a dispute over the volume of music in a car, to caution his son of the dangers that surround him.

Prince Carmen Jones

This individual attended Howard University with the...

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