Between the World and Me Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ta-Nehisi Coates
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Remembering Lest We Forget (pages 5 - 21)

Coates begins his memoir by recalling an interview. The interviewer asked the author why he felt success in America was and is determined by race and violence. Coates lists several examples of violence black Americans have faced throughout history and suggests that American society, believing "itself exceptional", is still blind to its racially-defined shortcomings. Coates cites examples of how police departments have been given the right to destroy black bodies without fear of recrimination, and expresses a deep sadness at what he feels is a lack of remembering how the past has and still is shaping the future of black Americans.

Throughout his memoir, Coates addresses his thoughts to his 15-year-old son. It is to him Coats writes, and for him Coates grieves the loss of "The Dream." Coates laments that this ideal of prosperity and safety that is said to be...

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