Between the Acts Character Descriptions

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Isa Oliver

This character communicates almost exclusively in rhyme.

Giles Oliver

This character believes all of England should be preparing for the coming war.

Mr. Oliver

This character has dreams of acting as a hero fighting off savages in India.

Mrs. Swithin

This character is senile and has forgotten who is depicted in the portraits at Pointz Hall.

Mrs. Manresa

This character - who is boisterous, loud, and tactless - crashes the pageant.

William Dodge

This character is a person of few words and an artistic temperament.

Miss La Trobe

This character is the director and author of the pageant.

Sir Spaniel Lilyliver

This character is a Lothario-type schemer.

Lady Harraden

This character schemes to obtain a niece's dowry.

Reverend Streatfield

This character collects money from the audience for improvements to the local church.

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