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Pages 1 - 15

• Mr. and Mrs. Haines and Mr. Oliver discuss the possibility of a cesspool being built near Pointz Hall, Mr. Oliver's country home.

• There is an attraction between Mr. Oliver's daughter-in-law, Isa, and Mr. Haines.

• Lucy Swithin, Mr. Oliver's sister, is staying at Pointz Hall for the summer. She likes to read about history.

• Mr. Oliver frightens his small grandson, George. Mr. Oliver calls his grandson a cry-baby.

• Isa decides she must she her feelings for Mr. Haines.

• Isa tells Mr. Oliver that she has ordered fish for the approaching special occasion.

• Mrs. Swithin carries a hammer into the house - she has nailed a placard to the barn.

Pages 16 - 30

• Pointz Hall has hosted a pageant of sorts for many years.

• Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Swithin wonder wither the weather will be rainy or fair.

• Mrs. Swithin wonders about the notion of knocking on wood.

• Mrs...

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