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Ruta Sepetys
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is obvious about Andrius when he gets back to their railroad car?
(a) He has talked to his father.
(b) He is dispirited.
(c) He has some sort of plan.
(d) He has been brutally beaten.

2. Why do they wait for hours at their next stop?
(a) For the train to arrive.
(b) For a woman to give birth.
(c) For the men's truck to arrive.
(d) For some papers to arrive.

3. What is Ona like when she undresses?
(a) She still looks pregnant.
(b) Her legs are caked in blood.
(c) She is leaking milk still.
(d) She is mottled in hives.

4. What do the soldiers want Elena to do?
(a) Take charge of the farm.
(b) Spy on the others.
(c) Work as the secretary.
(d) Write a letter.

5. Who directs the packing?
(a) Elena.
(b) Each person packs for him/herself.
(c) Jona.
(d) Lina.

6. What does Lina realize her father meant when he told her to keep drawing?
(a) That she can communicate with him through her art.
(b) That she might be able to earn some money drawing.
(c) That she should draw pictures of all the guards so they can be identified later.
(d) She thinks he is just trying to comfort her.

7. What does a grouchy woman in the group that Elena's family is in say?
(a) That they have been liberated by the Germans.
(b) That maybe they are free to go.
(c) That Elena and the others had made them seem weak.
(d) That Elena should not put on airs.

8. Who is Miss Grybas?
(a) Lina's best friend's sister.
(b) A teacher.
(c) One of the soldier's girlfriends.
(d) Lina's aunt.

9. To what summer program did Lina once apply for entrance?
(a) Art program in Vilnius.
(b) Sports program.
(c) Music school in Kuanas.
(d) Art program in Minsk.

10. What are the men in one car doing?
(a) Rioting.
(b) Crying.
(c) Singing the Lithuanian national anthem.
(d) Fighting the soldiers.

11. How does Elena manage to keep Jonas with them?
(a) Bribes a soldier.
(b) Makes a plea to a female soldier as a mother.
(c) Demands to see the papers that would send him somewhere else.
(d) She is not successful in keeping Jonas with them.

12. What does Elena learn from someone about food?
(a) It is strictly rationed.
(b) There is plenty but the same day after day.
(c) It comes in from another farm.
(d) They have to grow their own food.

13. What does Lina tell her mother about people in the other cars?
(a) Nothing as she can't see the others.
(b) They look like they are eating better.
(c) They look like they've given up hope.
(d) They look sick.

14. For what does Elena pay a woman in the hut?
(a) For a potato and to use the stove.
(b) For bread.
(c) For information.
(d) For some coffee.

15. What does Elana say they have to decide?
(a) Whether they will work or not.
(b) How to escape.
(c) How to get word out to Elena's husband.
(d) How to survive the winter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lina remember about why a teacher singled her out?

2. What does Elena tell Mrs. Rimas?

3. How often does the train stop?

4. What does Ona finally agree to do?

5. Who does Elena ignore?

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