Objects & Places from Between Shades of Gray

Ruta Sepetys
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This is where Lina's family is from.

The Lithuanian Army

This is where Andrius' father is serving when Andrius and his mother are arrested.


This is where the train cars carrying the men are split off from the main train and where Lina applies to a summer art program.

Thieves and Prostitutes

These are the words written on the train car in which Lina, Elena and Jonas travel to Altai.

The Stone

This is the rock found by Andrius that comes to be viewed by Andrius, Jonas, and LIna as lucky.


This is the village near the beet farm in Altai where Lina and her family spend about ten months early in their captivity.

The Baltic Sea

This is where Lina's family and Joana's family join for a vacation.


This is the location of the cottage on the Baltic Sea where Lina and Joana...

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