Between Shades of Gray Fun Activities

Ruta Sepetys
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Travel Guide

Prepare a travel guide for someone who wants to tour Lithuania. Where are the most notable places to visit? What is the climate and topography?


Create a timeline showing Lithuania's history. Present to class.


Find one recipe for beets and one for potatoes. Do you think you could eat beet and potatoes everyday for months? If you are able, make the recipe and evaluate it.

Guest Speaker

Find someone in your area who is an expert on Lithuania or a native of the country and invite him/her to speak to the class. Introduce the speaker.

Drawings of Characters

Draw or find magazine pictures that you think represent your idea of the following characters: Lina, Elena, Jonas, Andrius, Andrius' mother, Mr. Stalas, Ona, the old Siberian woman, Kretsky, Mrs. Rimas, and the commandant.

Book Review

Write a book review of "Between Shades of Gray...

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