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Ruta Sepetys
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Essay Topic 1

The fact that the priest is issuing last rites as the train pulls away from the station is a significant indication that others know what's happening to those on the train. This is another question that's asked repeatedly about the atrocities performed by Stalin and Hitler. Why didn't people object? There isn't an easy answer and this question, like the question of why so many went quietly to their deaths, is left to the reader to decide. Discuss the following;

1. How much power does an individual have to end atrocities such as that demonstrated in "Between Shades of Gray"?

2. What characters intervene in the misuse of power and how do they do so? What is the outcome?

3. Do individuals have a moral obligation to try to stop the misuse of power? What about in small ways, such as dealing with a bully?

4. Compare the misuse of...

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