Between Shades of Gray Character Descriptions

Ruta Sepetys
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Lina Vilkas

She and her younger brother, Jonas, are the children of a college professor.

Elena Vilkas

She is Lina's mother.

Jonas Vilkas

He is Lina's younger brother.

Andrius Arvydas

He is a boy a little older than Lina whose mother claims that he is simple-minded in an effort to keep him with her when the men are being taken away.

Kostas Vilkas

He is Lina's father.

Alexandras Lukas

He is a man who is constantly winding his watch.

Miss Grybas

She is a former teacher who is immediately put to work in the beet fields.


She is an Altaian woman who lives in the shack where Lina and her family are assigned to live.

Nickolai Kretsky

He is a young Russian soldier who torments Lina and her family.


She is a young woman who gives birth just as Lina and her family are arrested.

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