Between Shades of Gray Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ruta Sepetys
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Chapters 1 through 11

• Lina is looking back in time to the events leading up to her being taken prisoner. She says she saw signs that something was happening.

• Her mother had sewn her best jewelry into her coat and burned the family photos. Lina realizes her parents intended to escape the country.

• They were arrested before they could get out. Lina was already dressed for bed when the soldiers pounded on the door.

• They are given twenty minutes to pack and Lina obeys the directions her mother, Elena gives her. Jonas, Lina's younger brother is also told to pack.

• Jonas has trouble carrying the large suitcase Elena packs for him but he does it without complaint. Lina's mother is putting on her coat and Lina remembers the jewelry.
• Lina complains loudly about having to go to the bathroom to distract the soldiers from watching her mother. Lina is told...

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