Objects & Places from Between Riverside and Crazy

Stephen Adly Guirgis
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Rent Control

This ordinance is the reason that Pops's landlord seeks to evict him and is also the reason that Pops is fighting the landlord's eviction.


This object appears in the kitchen in Pops's apartment and represents the loss of his wife, Delores.

The Roof

This setting is where Pops and Lulu, and later Junior and Lulu, are seen smoking marijuana. This setting represents freedom and opportunity.

Pops' Dog

This unnamed animal in the play represents both a nuisance and possibility in Between Riverside and Crazy.

Pops's Lawsuit

This aspect of the play represents Pops's stand for justice. In Act 2, it becomes a central plot point in the story.

Christmas Tree

This symbolic object is described as standing in the living room of Pops's home and represents the past.

Lulu's Baby

This aspect of the narrative represents manipulation. For Pops, he sees opportunity and creation with this...

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