Between Riverside and Crazy Character Descriptions

Stephen Adly Guirgis
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Walter “Pops” Washington

This central character and protagonist in Between Riverside and Crazy is a retired police officer, father to one son, and a widower. He serves as a father figure to several characters in the play and his main pursuit is the winning of a civil lawsuit against the city relating to an incident where he was shot by a white rookie police officer.


This character is the protagonist's son. He has a conflicted relationship with his father, at whose apartment he lives with his girlfriend. It is suggested by other characters that he is involved in the black market trading stolen electronics.


This character is introduced in Act 1, Scene 1, as the protagonist and he engage in discussion over breakfast. He is a recovering addict who struggles in his own relationship with his father.


This character is the protagonist's son's girlfriend. When she initially appears...

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