Between Riverside and Crazy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stephen Adly Guirgis
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Act 1, Scene 1, Part 1

• NOTE: Citations in this Lesson Plan refer to the following version of the book: Between Riverside and Crazy (TCG Edition). Theatre Communications Group (October 19, 2015).

• In the opening of the play, stage directions indicate that the setting for Act 1, Scene 1 opens in the kitchen of Pops’ apartment.

• Walter “Pops” Washington is described as sitting at the kitchen table of his “pre-war apartment on Riverside Drive… a grand old railroad flat with chandeliers and a river view” (4).

• The stage directions also indicate that Pops’s home is “a rent-controlled Palace ruled by a grieving despot King. It’s also prime Manhattan real estate that, if deregulated, would easily fetch ten times its current rent” (4).

• Pops drinks whiskey in the morning as he eats pie and listens to Oswaldo talk; Oswaldo refers to Pops as “Dad.”

• A young woman named Lulu appears, scantily clad, and Pops suggests she...

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