Betsey Brown Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Betsey as the reader is introduced to her.

When the reader is introduced to her, Betsey appears to be a quick learner and a smart girl. She is sarcastic and witty but still sensitive to others. Betsey often thinks about love and passion.

2. Describe the Brown family in the first chapter.

In the first chapter, the Brown family is chaotic. The children argue with each other, and one enjoys setting fires.The parents love each other though they are quite different. Jane is quiet and reserved, but Greer is loud and enjoys activism.

3. Describe Betsey's father, Greer.

Greer is a doctor who enjoys inspiring words, art, and music. He is passionate about teaching his kids to stand up against segregation. He gives the kids quizzes in the morning and beats on a Conga drum.

4. Describe Betsey's mother, Jane.

Jane is a quiet woman who is a social worker. She does not understand Greer's need to speak out against injustice and prefers to keep her children sheltered from the white people.

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