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Objective: Chapter 1 Betsey Brown is a young teenager who contemplates love and her family. She considers herself very different from the rest of her family. This lesson will focus on Betsey as she is introduced in the story.

1. Class discussion: Why does Betsey feel different from the rest of her family? Can the reader see this in the story or is it something Betsey has imagined?

2. Group talk: What activities does Betsey enjoy doing? Why does she go to her retreat to watch the sunset? Why does Betsey need a place to retreat?

3. Essay: Why is the elocution contest significant to Betsey? Why doe she want to win?

4. Homework: Compare Betsey to the others living in her home. How is she different? How is she similar? Write down at least 3 answers to each question.


Objective: Chapter 1 The Brown home has a unique culture. Each person in...

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