Betsey Brown Character Descriptions

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Eugene Boyd - This character plays basketball and reciprocates the main character's romantic interest in him.

Allard Brown - This character is the youngest child in his family and the only boy.

Betsey Brown - This character is and intelligent and 13-years-old who is a part of racial integration in public schools.

Greer Brown - This character is strong and outspoken and enjoys attending demonstrations.

Jane Brown - This character raises four children and her nephew.

Margot Brown - This character is sweet but boisterous and is the protagonist's sister.

Sharon Brown - This character is the protagonist's younger sister who helps cause chaos in their home.

Bernice Calhoun - This character is the first of three servants who come to help in the house.

Carrie - This character is the third and most successful of the housekeepers who come to help the Brown family.


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