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Chapter 1

• The Brown family lives in a middle-class neighborhood in St. Louis, and the story takes place in fall of 1959.

• Betsey is 13-years-old and feels different from the rest of her family.

• The Brown home is hectic and chaotic; it's home to 2 parents, 1 grandparent, and 5 children.

• Greer is Betsey's dad, a doctor, and Jane is Betsey's mother, a social worker.

• Betsey's goal is to win an elocution contest.

Chapter 2

• Betsey practices her elocution on the way to class.

• Betsey has a crush on Eugene, a basketball player.

• Betsey wins the elocution contest and wins a bouquet of red roses.

• Susan Linda's mom is the first prejudiced character the reader is introduced to.

• Allard and Charlie are escorted home by the police for trespassing and are given a warning.

Chapter 3

• Jane confronts Greer about not being a disciplinarian.

• Bernice Calhoun shows up and offers to be a housekeeper.

• Bernice...

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