Betrayal in Death Character Descriptions

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Eve Dallas

This character is born into a poor family then marries into wealth but continues to work as a Lieutenant for the New York City Police and Security Department.

Sylvester Yost

This character is known for several strangulation murders involving silver wire.


This character used to live a life of crime and builds a wealthy empire.

Mick Connelly

This character grew up in Dublin, Ireland and works in the world of crime.

Captain Feeney

This character remembers a series of strangulation cases from fifteen years ago that helps with the newest strangulation murders.


This character is an assistant to a Lieutenant in the police department.

James Priory

This character is registered as being in Suite 4602 before a murder takes place.

Jonah Talbot

This character is the second murder victim in a series of murders.

Darlene French

This character is a maid who is murdered in...

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