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Prologue and Chapter 1

• A murder occurs in May 2059. The murder takes place in the Palace Hotel, Suite 4602.

• Eve Dallas attends an auction.

• The auction is hosted by Eve's husband, Roarke, and his business.
• Eve meets movie star, Madga Lane at the auction.

• Eve learns of the murder in Suite 4602.

• The murder victim is a hotel maid named Darlene French.

Chapters 2-3

• Eve learns Suite 4602 was booked three weeks in advance by James Priory. The real James Priory has already been dead for several months prior to the murder.

• Eve interviews Hilo, the maid who found Darlene's body.

• Eve goes to New Jersey to notify Darlene's mother and sister of Darlene's death.
• Officer Feeney informs Eve that the murderer's name is Sylvester Yost.

• McNab is put in charge of analyzing the silver wire used to strangle Darlene.

• All the bath amenities are missing from Suite 4602 after the murder.

Chapters 4-5

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