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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Thorfinn imagine Prince Charles life after the escape?
(a) A glorious death on the fields of battle.
(b) Living out his years as a crofter on Norday Island.
(c) Becoming a great writer of romance novels.
(d) Full of pomp and circumstance.

2. What is the present Mr. Harcourt-Smithers known for?
(a) Massive generosity.
(b) His ability to drink great quantities of ale.
(c) Religious devotion.
(d) Being inarticulate.

3. What does the greatest English sage of the 18th century say, according to chapter 6?
(a) Every man has a book in him.
(b) All things end in dust.
(c) A writer will be born regardless of man's will.
(d) There is no truth in fiction.

4. Where does Thorfinn see peat smoke rising from on what he thinks is a deserted Norday?
(a) Glebe.
(b) Smylder.
(c) Ingle.
(d) Swinhurst.

5. What is Elphinstone's role on Norday?
(a) Pastor.
(b) Teacher.
(c) Laird's factor.
(d) Sheriff of Norday.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who generally rules the manse and the pastor on Norday Island?

2. What does the Norday pastor pick up "beside the ocean of time" in chapter 5?

3. What has Thorfinn come back from the war to find in Norday?

4. What is Matilda Kerrigan known as in Norday Island?

5. Why type of car does Thomas Vass drive?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Sophie come back to Norday Island in the end?

2. In chapter 6, what is Elphinstone's role in rounding up the young men for military service?

3. Did the peace treaty between Chamberlain and Hitler stop the work on the Norday Aerodrome?

4. Why was the present laird, Mr. Harcourt-Smithers, so much poorer than his forefathers?

5. How does Thorfinn see Sophie that very first time?

6. Who is Sophie?

7. In chapter five one of the previous minister uses the title of the book when referring to fossils. What does he mean?

8. Who is Major Schneider?

9. Why does the seal girl, Mara, not follow the seal-people into the sea?

10. Why did the Westvoe farm catch on fire and burn to the ground?

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