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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Ragna courting in chapter 6?
(a) Ransom Terry.
(b) Andrew Rosey.
(c) Stalwart Inqvest.
(d) Selkie Downs.

2. Who does Jimmy Greenay save from drowning in chapter 7?
(a) Dr. Lamond who struggles physically with a workman.
(b) The laird who tries to commit suicide in the ruckus.
(c) MacTavish who wanders down to the shore while drinking.
(d) The engineer who breaks his ankle in a rockpool.

3. What are the names of Mr. Harcourt-Smither's granddaughters?
(a) Debbie and Penny.
(b) Josie and Margaret.
(c) Mara and Vass.
(d) Ragna and Magdalena.

4. What brought Doctor Lamond down to the work site?
(a) Murphy and Watson had a fight.
(b) A fire burned several men to death.
(c) Consumption had began to be spread.
(d) The construction chief was ill with diptheria.

5. What type of "disease" does Thorfinn have when the military comes looking for him?
(a) Consumption.
(b) Malaria.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Diabetes.

6. Who brings Thorfinn his supplies on the deserted Norday Island now that everyone else has gone?
(a) Supplies are dropped by air.
(b) Mansie Drever, the Selskay fisherman.
(c) Sophie, on the horse Selkie.
(d) Ragna Magnarson.

7. Why type of car does Thomas Vass drive?
(a) Horse and buggy.
(b) Mercedes.
(c) Austin Martin.
(d) Ford.

8. How does Thorfinn deal with the tension in his family in chapter 6?
(a) Goes out into the fields and rides Selkie.
(b) Runs away and joins the army.
(c) Tries to bring everyone together to talk.
(d) Types a story out on his typewriter.

9. What does Matilda Kerrigan do to the three surveyors?
(a) Drowns them in the ocean.
(b) Attacks their equipment.
(c) Invites them to stay with her.
(d) Shoots them with a rifle.

10. Whose house does Thorfinn come back to in chapter 8?
(a) Jimmy Greeno's beach shack.
(b) Ingle.
(c) Laird's Hall.
(d) Swinehurst.

11. When the original Hall burns down, where does the laird stay that winter?
(a) London hotel.
(b) With Isa Estavoy.
(c) Hovel on grounds of original Hall.
(d) Cave on isle of Westray.

12. Who is Selkie?
(a) Thorfinn's collie.
(b) Sophie's twin sister.
(c) Laird's two year old chestnut colt.
(d) Isa's cat.

13. In chapter 7 what appears just off the shore of Norday?
(a) German man-of-war.
(b) Flocks of crows.
(c) Huge cargo ship.
(d) Submarines.

14. What is the Kitty Fea?
(a) Harbor store.
(b) Ale house.
(c) Warship.
(d) Lobster boat.

15. What is Elphinstone's role on Norday?
(a) Pastor.
(b) Sheriff of Norday.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Laird's factor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Thorfinn put off eating canned food upon his final return to Norday?

2. Who is Major Schneider?

3. What does Thorfinn see, climbing hill Fea against the blue and white of the sky, in chapter 5?

4. What two Norday inhabitants seem untouched by the chaos and destruction of the aerodrome workers?

5. Who is it that Sophie and Thorfinn decide will be the poet?

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