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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who digs Olafson's grave?
(a) Geordie Wylie.
(b) Pastor Inge.
(c) Janet Olafson.
(d) The whole town.

2. Who takes Thorfinn back from the Eastern Empire to Norday Island?
(a) Emperor Manuel.
(b) Viking pirates.
(c) Earl Rognvald.
(d) Rolf Rolfson.

3. What do the Sea King sailors carry as weapons from ship to shore?
(a) Thin silver arrows and strong ironwood bows.
(b) Muskets and bullets.
(c) A large copper canon.
(d) Iron axes and iron-tipped spears.

4. Where does Thorfinn wake up at the end of chapter 1?
(a) Bow of his father's yole.
(b) Shore of the ocean.
(c) Soft hay on highest hill in Norday.
(d) Barn loft above the cattle.

5. What will the Bishop drink after his choppy steamer crosses from Aberdeen?
(a) Vagabond's mix.
(b) Hot milk.
(c) Ice tea.
(d) Old Orkney whiskey.

6. What is the place named Ingle?
(a) Village store.
(b) County seat.
(c) Harbor bar.
(d) Ragnarson's farm.

7. Upon what craft does Thorfinn return to Norday Island from Byzantine?
(a) Maria Theresa.
(b) Saint Sebastian.
(c) Saint Magnus.
(d) Magna Carta.

8. In chapter 2, where are the knight and his squire headed?
(a) Irish
(b) English countryside.
(c) German ports.
(d) Stirling Castle.

9. What is the village opinion of Miss Cameron?
(a) Soft as a feather pillow.
(b) Sweet as candy.
(c) Bold as brass.
(d) Quiet as a mouse.

10. When are the brochs first built in the Orkney islands?
(a) 15 years ago.
(b) 200 years ago.
(c) 10,000 years ago.
(d) 2,000 years ago.

11. What job does Jock Seatter do in Norday?
(a) Beachcomber.
(b) Lobsterman.
(c) Politician.
(d) Blacksmith.

12. What is the name of the shepherd who lives up in the high mountain pass in chapter 2?
(a) Saint Andrew of Scottland.
(b) Sorley the shepherd of Drumnadrochit.
(c) Manny the shepherd of Orkney.
(d) Seamus the master of the Borey.

13. Why does Thorfinn miss the great battle at Stirling Castle?
(a) He sleeps through it.
(b) He drinks too much whiskey.
(c) He falls off a cliff into a river.
(d) He's hiding in a cave.

14. Who is the new proprietor of Norday's only inn and pub?
(a) MacTavish.
(b) Taing.
(c) Ayre.
(d) Ragnarson.

15. What type of wood does Albert Laird use to make his cradles?
(a) Ironwood.
(b) Oregon pine.
(c) Oak.
(d) Driftwood.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Hector Drummond?

2. On what day of the week does Olafson die?

3. Where is Mr. Simon hoping to go on vacation with Miss Cameron?

4. What happens if the Scottish soldiers at Stirling Castle can capture an English lord?

5. What instrument does the boy poet of the broch play?

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