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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are iron rations?
(a) Oatcakes and water.
(b) Thick red tomato soup.
(c) Heavy chunks of meat with salt.
(d) Flattened slices of beef.

2. What happens if the Scottish soldiers at Stirling Castle can capture an English lord?
(a) They will sell him into slavery.
(b) The lord will be married to one of their daughters.
(c) The English lord will improve their Scottish accent.
(d) They will exchange him for ransom money.

3. What will the Bishop drink after his choppy steamer crosses from Aberdeen?
(a) Hot milk.
(b) Old Orkney whiskey.
(c) Vagabond's mix.
(d) Ice tea.

4. Why can't the Vikings return to Sweden?
(a) Enemies have taken over their village.
(b) King outlawed them for killing his casteelan.
(c) They have forgotten how to speak Swedish.
(d) They long for adventure.

5. Whose relics are rumored to be taken to the war at Stirling Castle?
(a) Saint Theresa.
(b) Angel Gabriel.
(c) Saint Magnus.
(d) Saint Charles.

6. What is a sign that the broch is being neglected?
(a) A stone falls during a winter tempest.
(b) The door rots and falls away.
(c) The well dries up.
(d) The entire castle collapses.

7. Scottish is a fusion of what two languages?
(a) English and Roman.
(b) Gaelic and Lallans.
(c) Presbyterian and German.
(d) Irish and English.

8. What does Matthew Ragnarson buy from the village store at the beginning of chapter 1?
(a) Flour, eggs and ham.
(b) Horse feed, leather soap and a cigar.
(c) Stamps, glue and a letter opener.
(d) An ounce of bogey roll, box of matches and four bars of chocolate.

9. What do the visitors bring to the Prince Boris in Thorfinn's first dream?
(a) Butterfly nets.
(b) Iron ore.
(c) Kegs of brandy.
(d) White horse.

10. What are the Varingers fed on a daily basis?
(a) Bear, goose and wild duck.
(b) Bread, cheese, olives and beer.
(c) Moose, elk and wolf meat.
(d) Sturgeon and wild geese.

11. How does the lord of Norday greet the ragged Norweigan sailors?
(a) Brings them into the community as husbands.
(b) Offers hospitality for one night.
(c) Kills them all with arrows.
(d) Locks them in the broch.

12. What is the place named Ingle?
(a) Harbor bar.
(b) Ragnarson's farm.
(c) Village store.
(d) County seat.

13. Who is Hector Drummond?
(a) Teacher at Thorfinn's school.
(b) Norday Island's minister from Borders.
(c) Bishop of all Orkney.
(d) Beachcomber.

14. After his adventure with what does Thorfinn step on the shores of Norday Island?
(a) Two black lambs.
(b) A bag of gold tied to his belt.
(c) Seven pieces of silver in his purse.
(d) A servant from Greece.

15. Why do villagers laugh at Albert Laird's announcement that his cradle is for Millie Smith?
(a) Millie is 75 and a widow for 55 years.
(b) Millie is a horse.
(c) Millie has 22 children already.
(d) He only makes coffins.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 2, who does Thorfinn dream of?

2. What leader shatters the English army at Stirling Castle?

3. What secret thing does Thorfinn bring to Jacob Olafson?

4. Where is King Robert's palace named Holyrood?

5. Who are the Varingers?

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