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Norday and The Orkney Islands

These communities are situated at the northern tip of Scotland.


This is the farm where the main character and his family live.


This is the farm where the Olafson family lives.


This is the horse owned by the present day laird of the island.


This is the fictional horse ridden by the medieval knight MacTavish.

Solan Goose

This is the Viking boat on its way to Byzantium.

The Byzantine Empire

This is the vast political power founded by the Emperor Constantine.

The blacksmith's (smithy)

This is the gathering spot for the island men to meet and discuss the day's events.

The aerodrome

This is the modern military structure the government builds on the island.

The post office

This is where the women of the islands gather and exchange news.

Stirling Castle

This is a historic building on the island...

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