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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1 - General Introduction

George Mackay Brown is deeply connected to the Orkney Islands. As an introduction to the book this first lesson will start with an overview of the place the books come from and some history about Brown. Today's objective is to introduce the students to the Orkney Islands, George Mackay Brown and the novel "Beside the Ocean of Time."


1) Introduction: Begin the class by showing the students a map of the Orkney Islands. Discuss where the islands are and how they are related to Scotland. Prepare a brief slide show of the islands which segues into the author, George Mackay Brown. Share a brief biography of the life of Brown. Lead a discussion about how some authors are deeply connected with the place they write from.

2) Small group activity: Provide the students with some information on Brown. Give them list of the...

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