Beside the Ocean of Time Character Descriptions

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Thorfinn Ragnarson

This person is seen by others as lazy and inept but is gifted with a vivid imagination for storytelling.


This character is an independent eccentric visitor who draws the attention of the Norday islanders.

Jacob Olafson

This person symbolically arrives and departs from the world in a boat.


This character belongs to the a group of mythical beings who are part seal and part human.

Tina Lyde

This person often brings gifts of baked goods to a local widower's family.

James MacTavish

This person is an opinionated and fiercely nationalistic Scotsman who has keeps an inn on the island.

Sir James MacTavish

This character is a fictional creation of the storyteller who is a larger than life figure headed to the Battle of Bannukburn.

Rolf Rolfson

This character is the leader of the Swedish Viking expedition in the 9th century.

Ragna Ragnarson

This independent...

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