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Chapter 1

• Thorfinn Ragnarson is a schoolboy on the island of Norday, in the Orkney islands north of Scotland in the 1930s.

• Thorfinn lives with his father Matthew, who is a crofter/tenant farmer and his three sisters: Inga, Sigrid and Ragna.

• Thorfinn's teacher and most of the other islanders consider him a lazy, unintelligent child.
• Thorfinn drifts off during a school history lesson and creates a fantastic journey in his imagination.

• In his fantasy he is a Orkney boy travelling with Swedish Vikings centuries earlier on the ship the Solan Goose.

• The Vikings voyage to Russia where Thorfinn manages to save the day through a clever trick.
• The Vikings head down the Volga River towards Byzantium and are attacked by Cossacks.

• When they finally arrive in Byzantium, the crew is greeted warmly by a commander sent by the Emperor.

• The Emperor demands service from the Vikings for a...

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